Dr. Maurizio Battino researches cosmetic formulations to protect skin from UV rays

Dr. Maurizio Battino researches cosmetic formulations to protect skin from UV rays

The director of the Iberoamerican University Foundation (FUNIBER) in Italy, Dr. Maurizio Battino, reveals surprising findings on the possible protection that natural compounds, such as those contained in strawberries, can provide against UV radiation.

Although UV radiation has some health benefits, such as the production of cholecalciferol and the treatment of certain skin diseases, it is still the main cause of various skin disorders, from premature aging to cancer.

According to Dr. Battino, ultraviolet A (UVA) radiation, which accounts for 95% of incident sunlight, can cause significant cellular damage to skin structures, with effects such as inflammation, oxidative stress, DNA damage, and deregulation of cell-signaling pathways. These effects are mainly due to the generation of reactive oxygen species (ROS) by UVA radiation. Topical sunscreens are commonly used to counteract these effects, but the use of natural compounds is increasingly sought to reduce the amount of synthetic chemicals present in their formulation.

In their research, Dr. Battino and his team focused on strawberries, which are a considerable source of polyphenols, such as anthocyanins, phenolic acids, and flavonoids, as well as vitamins, minerals, and sugars. These bioactive compounds present in strawberries have antioxidant activity and have been shown to have synergistic effects in the promotion of health and the prevention of various diseases, such as cardiovascular diseases, inflammation-related pathologies, and cancer.

In recent experiments, Dr. Battino’s team has found that the polyphenols and vitamins present in strawberries can effectively protect against skin damage caused by oxidative stress and UVA radiation. These compounds reduce DNA damage, lipid peroxidation, and free radical levels while improving the functionality of mitochondria in skin cells. Researchers evaluated different formulations incorporating strawberry extract and coenzyme Q10 as active ingredients in SPF10 sunscreens and observed promising results in improving cell viability and reducing markers of apoptosis and inflammation. This suggests that strawberry and coenzyme Q10-based formulations could be an innovative and natural approach to prevent skin diseases induced by UVA exposure.

Dr. Maurizio Battino highlights the importance of using natural compounds in the formulation of sunscreens and underlines the potential of scientific research in the field of dermatology to promote better health and skin care. These findings open new perspectives in the search for natural and effective alternatives to protect the skin against damage caused by UVA radiation. As the demand for natural cosmetic products increases, it is essential to continue researching and deepening the molecular mechanisms involved in the protection offered by these natural compounds, such as those contained in strawberries and other small wild fruits for the benefit of our skin health.

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