FUNIBER and UNEATLANTICO sign an agreement with UNICEF

On April 6th, FUNIBER and the European University of the Atlantic (UNEATLANTICO) signed a collaboration agreement with Spanish Committee for UNICEF to promote the improvement of the living conditions and the development of children around the world

The agreement was signed in the UNEATLANTICO’s headquarters in Santander (Spain), on the one party by Rubén Calderón, UNEATLANTICO’s Chancellor, an institution that is part of the University Network in which FUNIBER collaborates, and on the other party by Esperanza Botella, President of the UNICEF National Committee in Cantabria.

The purpose of the agreement between FUNIBER, UNEATLANTICO and the Spanish Committee for UNICEF is to collaborate and support the dissemination of awareness campaigns, among students and professionals who are part of the University Network in which they collaborate, about the situation of the most vulnerable children in the world.

As part of the agreement, students who enroll in any of the Master’s Degrees, Specializations or PhD programs sponsored by FUNIBER, will have the possibility to make a voluntary donation to UNICEF. All funds raised with this action, will be destined to the programs developed by UNICEF on behalf of the welfare of children.

During the meeting, the UNEATLANTICO’s Chancellor, emphasized that “signing this agreement represents the first step in a job that will be developing between the three institutions. We are strongly committed to this collaboration and we are very enthusiastic about it. We hope that all the university community will join us”. Moreover, the President of the UNICEF National Committee in Cantabria highlighted that the agreement “demonstrates the commitment of the three institutions to improve the welfare of children as well as to the fulfillment of children rights around the world”.

With this initiative, FUNIBER continues to extend its commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility, by developing solidarity and transforming actions around the world.

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