Students awarded FUNIBER scholarships for online postgraduate courses attend the degree award ceremony at UNEATLANTICO

Students awarded FUNIBER scholarships for online postgraduate courses attend the degree award ceremony at UNEATLANTICO

The European University of the Atlantic (UNEATLANTICO) has extended for the first time the invitation to the on-site graduation ceremony to students with FUNIBER scholarships for distance postgraduate courses.

Students awarded scholarships by the Ibero-American University Foundation (FUNIBER) from Argentina, Bolivia, Ecuador, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Honduras, the Dominican Republic and Portugal, as well as from various Autonomous Communities of Spain, traveled to the UNEATLANTICO campus in Santander, Spain, to participate in the degree award ceremony. This multicultural meeting is the most internationalized event in the history of the university. 

The ceremony was inaugurated by Sandra Sumalla, dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences, who emphasized that graduation does not mark the end of learning, but the closing of the first stage of the journey. She also emphasized that continuing education is essential in all professions, therefore, it is imperative to continue training.

Also in attendance was His Excellency Mr. Alfredo Dombe, Ambassador Extraordinary of the Republic of Angola to the Kingdom of Spain, who was the godfather of the graduates of the graduation. During his participation, he dedicated a few words to the new professionals, emphasizing the resilience and determination that each student demonstrated during the training process. 

During his speech, UNEATLANTICO’s rector, Rubén Calderón, underscored the remarkable internationalization present at the event, stressing that this aspect is fundamental to the university’s identity. He also encouraged alumni to seek and live significant international experiences. He also emphasized that UNEATLANTICO promotes not only these experiences, but also the integration of diverse perspectives in the academic classroom.

This event not only commemorates the academic achievements of graduating students, but also represents the transformative power of international education and intercultural collaboration. In this context, FUNIBER reaffirms its commitment to comprehensive training through education, actively collaborating within a university network that eliminates geographical barriers and promotes internationalization.