UNEATLANTICO, a center accredited by the Instituto Cervantes, opens an intensive Spanish language course

UNEATLANTICO, a center accredited by the Instituto Cervantes, opens an intensive Spanish language course

The European University of the Atlantic (UNEATLANTICO), a Spanish institution of higher education, and part of the university network in which FUNIBER participates, opens a new intensive Spanish course aimed at non-native speakers at different levels and people interested in improving their skills in this language through a unique cultural experience. 

The intensive Spanish course will be held at the UNEATLANTICO campus in Santander, Spain, from July 8 to 26, 2024, with a duration of 80 hours. The three levels described in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) will be available: beginner, A1 and A2, intermediate, B1 and B2, and advanced, C1 and C2. In addition, those who successfully complete the course will receive 6 university credits.

The teachers use a student-centered methodology with a communicative approach. During three weeks, students will be able to develop communicative skills through group work and cultural activities that will allow them to integrate with other students from different countries while getting to know the city of Santander and Spain together. The use of new technologies facilitates autonomous learning and consequently induces metacognitive processes where people are able to formulate and plan their learning. 

Students are expected to be able to express themselves with confidence in social and academic environments, expressing their opinions, points of view or personal desires with fluency. They will be able to express themselves in written and oral form, adequately handling the grammar of the language and expanding their vocabulary in the topics of their interest. 

UNEATLANTICO has recently been accredited by the Instituto Cervantes (IC) and is the third center in Cantabria to hold this recognition. This implies that the university meets all the quality standards required by the IC to teach Spanish. In addition, it has been appointed as an examining center for the SIELE exam, which consists of an evaluation and certification of the degree of proficiency in Spanish. 
If you want to improve your Spanish while getting to know Spain, click on this link for more information.