FUNIBER organizes the 5th edition of the International Photography Contest PHotoFUNIBER

FUNIBER organizes the 5th edition of the International Photography Contest PHotoFUNIBER

An instance. An idea. A lasting moment. This is a photograph. We wish to celebrate a moment in time from many different view points. On FUNIBER’s 25th anniversary, we will be organizing a special edition of the PHotoFUNIBER International Competition, celebrating its fifth anniversary.

In addition to promoting new talents through the contest, we will hold photography workshops, exhibitions showcasing the winning images from previous five editions of the contest, and interviews with photographers.

Thus, the Iberoamerican University Foundation (FUNIBER)presents the fifth edition of the PHotoFUNIBER International Photography Contest. The deadline for registering and submitting entries via the contest website begins this Monday, January 30, and will be open until February 27 at 23:59 (Spanish time).

Universities from FUNIBER’s collaborative network will be participating, such as the European University of the Atlantic, the International University of Cuanza (UNIC), the International Iberoamerican University (UNINI-Mexico), the International University Foundation of Colombia (UNINCOL), the University of La Romana (UNIROMANA),and the International Iberoamerican University (UNIB).

Participation is open to any person of legal age, amateur and professional photographers residing in any of thecountries where FUNIBER operates.

Contestants may only submit a single and original photo that must not have been awarded in other contests or commercially exploited (whether for journalistic, advertising or any other purpose). The image must be related to one of the four categories of the contest: Nature, Heritage, Photojournalism and Abstract.

Entries may be submitted with complete technical and artistic freedom, except in the “Nature” and “Photojournalism” categories, where digitally altered photographs will not be accepted.

After an initial pre-selection of 20 images, an Honorary Jury will evaluate the photographs and select the winners. The finalist photographs will be displayed from March 20 on the contest website, where a popular vote will be held through Facebook likes until April 11. The winners will be announced on May 5.

The winner of each category chosen by the jury will receive a €400 prize and an 80% scholarship for one of the postgraduate programs promoted by FUNIBER. The photograph with the most public votes will also receive a €300 prize and a 50% scholarship for a postgraduate program sponsored by the organization.

A total of six special prizes will also be awarded to students and alumni of UNEATLANTICO, UNIC and postgraduate students with FUNIBER scholarships who have completed their studies or are currently studying. Honorable mentions may be presented for each category.

The winning entries of PhotoFUNIBER’23 will be exhibited at the European University of the Atlantic’s exhibition hall in Santander (Spain) from May 18. Afterwards, the exhibition will be toured around some of the countries where FUNIBER is located.

The contest, promoted within the framework of FUNIBER’s Cultural Work, was created with the aim of learning about the varied perspectives of our world: perfection, intelligence, creativity, effort and the mysteries that surround us through photographs, chosen and constructed to tell stories.

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