The web on nutritional composition promoted by FUNIBER launches new design

The web on nutritional composition promoted by FUNIBER launches new design

The Nutritional Composition website, promoted by FUNIBER and its network of universities with the aim of creating awareness of what foods are composed of, has a new image. 

According to this platform, knowing the composition of food is essential in understanding all aspects of nutrition and is an element to take into account when following a healthy and balanced diet. 

Through its food database, it is possible to consult the main nutrients of the products by means of different nutritional composition tables.

You can also view the webinars presented by FUNIBER for the area of Health and Nutrition, in addition to information through a section containing current news.

The International Coordinator of FUNIBER’s Health Area, Irma Domínguez, highlights that the new website “offers a renewed aesthetic and new sections of interest with tools, resources and information on training and research programs for professionals and those interested in the field of nutrition and health”. 

FUNIBER promotes Bachelor’s Degrees, Specializations, Master’s Degrees, and Doctorates in the field of Health and Nutrition, with a scholarship program. In addition, the Foundation has a large group of researchers in this field, led by the International Director of the Health and Nutrition Area, Dr. Maurizio Battino, recently recognized as one of the most cited scientists by the agency Clarivate Analytics.  

The Nutritional Composition website is available at the following link.