Maurizio Battino, FUNIBER’s Scientific Director, recognized for the seventh consecutive year among the most highly cited researchers

Maurizio Battino, FUNIBER’s Scientific Director, recognized for the seventh consecutive year among the most highly cited researchers

Dr. Maurizio Battino, Scientific Director of FUNIBER and the European University of the Atlantic, has been included for the seventh consecutive year in the list of the most cited researchers carried out by the Clarivate Analytics agency.  

This recognition is reserved for only 0.1% of researchers worldwide and the list includes those who have published articles with an exceptional number of citations in the last decade.

Dr. Battino has a long professional and academic career. He holds a degree in Biological Sciences from the University of Bologna; he obtained his doctorate in 1990 with the thesis «Ubiquinone: Studies in Model and Comparative Systems» before the Italian Ministry of the University in Rome. In May 2001 the University of Ancona awarded him as the “best researcher of the year” for the high quality of his scientific production and in 2008 he was named Doctor Honoris Causa by the University of Medicine and Pharmacy «Carol Davila» of Bucharest (Romania). 

In addition, this same year, the European University of the Atlantic, belonging to the network of universities with which FUNIBER collaborates, awarded him the medal of honor, considered the highest institutional distinction granted to individuals or legal entities, for their contributions and merits at the academic, social, cultural, scientific or technical level.

Maurizio Battino has made it to the prestigious list seven years in a row thanks to his numerous articles published in scientific journals of major impact, with publications of great relevance in the field of nutritional biochemistry and the properties of bioactive substances of plant origin with applications in the study of aging, cardiovascular diseases, obesity and cancer, just to name a few. 

In particular, it is worth mentioning the results of the studies in which Battino has taken part on the cholesterol-lowering effects of some varieties of strawberries produced at the experimental farm of the Politecnica delle Marche University. His work on the anti-cancer and antiproliferative effects of Manuka honey, the famous Sardinian bitter honey, has also had an impact and was widely reported in some of the most important media in the world, such as Le Figaro, the BBC, CNN, etc.

Maurizio Battino is also the international director of the Health and Nutrition Area of the Iberoamerican University Foundation (FUNIBER), thanks to which he has established since 2005, at the Polytechnic University of Marche, a series of Masters and Advanced Courses in the nutritional field of which he is the coordinator.

His latest scientific paper is available at through the following link: