FUNIBER participates in new meeting for the T-Crisis-Nav project

FUNIBER participates in new meeting for the T-Crisis-Nav project

The Iberoamerican University Foundation (FUNIBER) participated on November 2 in a face-to-face meeting in Scotland to discuss the T-Crisis-Nav project.

In this meeting, Steve Taylor, y Kendra Turnbull (University of Higlands and Islands), Emmanuel Soriano, Thomas Prola (FUNIBER), Íris Hrund Halldorsdottir (University of Ayukeri, Islandia), Laura Magan (Momentum Marketing Services Limited, Ireland), and Catherine Neill (European E-Learning Institute) participated in person. Julia Grey and David Blunk (The Vision Works) attended virtually.

During this meeting, the partners discussed the Intellectual Outputs document, which included Needs Analysis, SME Training Package and Crisis Navigator, HEl Tourism Crisis and the Crisis Navigator App. The team specifically analyzed the need to include case studies and interviews for the knowledge section on the website. The partners will also be sharing the studies and website to their social media in order to further advertise the project.

In response to the impact of the pandemic on the tourism industry, this project was created to provide assistance to small and medium businesses in this sector. FUNIBER and our partners will be researching and disseminating information in order to provide these companies with skills and resources to manage their businesses in the post-pandemic world. The research for the T-Crisis-Nav project will be completed by 2023.

The next virtual meeting will take place on the 9 of December and then the following in-person meeting will be in Barcelona on the 4-6 of April.