New meeting of the project LOVEDISTANCE

New meeting of the project LOVEDISTANCE

The intermediate meeting of the European Erasmus + LOVEDISTANCE project, coordinated by the Polytechnic Institute of Porto, was held on May 11 and 13, 2021.

The main objective of the project is the development of distance education in Georgia and Israel as a response to the difficulties of higher education access for some minority groups.  So far, the following groups have been identified in these two countries as priority groups for the project: student-workers, women belonging to religious groups, ultra-orthodox groups, refugees, and female refugees.

In this meeting, the local project coordinator for FUNIBER, Thomas Prola, presented the results of Work Package 2 (WP2), in which FUNIBER developed a virtual campus and different trainings for professors and administrative staff from universities in Israel and Georgia.

The opinions gathered in an evaluative questionnaire sent to the participants after the training cycle carried out by the ICT and Education areas of FUNIBER, show that both the contents and the didactic aspects of the training were positively valued, leading to the start of the pilot programs in Georgia and Israel in the coming months.

In this next stage, FUNIBER, as WP2 leader, will continue to share its knowledge so that distance education can be possible, synonymous with access to higher education for everyone.

Those interested in the project can find out more about it on its Facebook page.