The LOVEDISTANCE project enters a new development phase

The LOVEDISTANCE project enters a new development phase

Members of the LOVEDISTANCE project (Learning Optimization and Academic Inclusion Via Equitable, Distance Teaching and Learning), met last February to begin a new stage of the project as coordinated by the Polytechnic Institute of Porto (IPP, Instituto Politécnico do Porto) of Portugal and in which FUNIBER participates.

The proposal, which aims to help universities in Georgia and Israel to develop distance learning programs, is especially dedicated toward people who find themselves in socially vulnerable situations.  Live asynchronous training was carried out from November to February so that participating universities could develop pilot courses, a phase they are currently in.

The first part of the training took place at the end of November in a course called “Barcelona 2020 Training of Trainers” and was attended by 52 professionals (10 administrative and 42 university professors) from 3 Georgian universities (ISU, BSU, TESAU), 1 Romanian university (TUCN), 3 Israeli institutions (LEVINSKY, ONO, MEITAL), two Spanish (UVIGO, FUNIBER), as well as the project leader, the Polytechnic Institute of Porto (IPP).

A second part of the training was carried out between December and February, which took place in the virtual campus as designed by FUNIBER’s ICT team. Through different webinars, the trainers presented tools for designing didactic programs in virtual learning environments, as well as the different e-learning methodologies and techniques.

The coach for the Teacher Training area, Juliana Azevedo, explains FUNIBER’s role in this project and the next steps to be carried out in the following video.



It is possible to follow the Project’s updates through its Facebook page.