FUNIBER will be present for the International Conference on Exercise Health to be held in Guangzhou (China)

FUNIBER will be present for the International Conference on Exercise Health to be held in Guangzhou (China)

On June 28th, Doctor Mireia Peláez will present the conference on “Being active counteracts the adverse effects of excessive weight gain during pregnancy” in the Guangzhou Sports University in the city of Guangzhou located in South China as part of the Sixth Edition of the International Conference on Exercise and Health.

Dr. Mireia Peláez teaches at the European University of the Atlantic (UNEATLANTICO), which itself belongs to a network of universities that FUNIBER collaborates with.

During the conference, Dr.  Peláez will describe the change in paradigms on the risks associated with excessive weight gain during pregnancy.  For the European University of the Atlantic professor, “it has been proven that it is not so much to strictly adhere to the recommendations and general rules about weight, but in staying active. Of course, this activity cannot simply be anything but must be adapted to a specific dosimetry that depends on the previous experience of each person”.

Mireia Peláez is a Doctor in Physical and Sport Activity Sciences. She has taught in the Master in Physiotherapy of the Pelvic Floor Dysfunction from the Autonomous University of Madrid and is currently a professor of the Degree in Physical and Sports Activity, the Degree in Human and Dietetic Nutrition, and the Degree in Primary Education in UNEATLANTICO.

Taking advantage of her visit, Dr. Peláez will have several meetings, not only with representatives from universities specializing in sports, but other interviews to take place in the cities of Shanghai and Changsha, where topics of common interest related to the forging of agreements, student and professorship exchange, etc., will be discussed.

Founded in 1958, Guangzhou Sports University is the only higher education institute in South China specializing in sports.  It offers three main areas: Physical Education, Literature and Economics, which include a total of eight specializations; Physical Education; Sports Training; Human and Science Kinesiology; Sports Sociology, Traditional Sports Education; Sports Correspondence and Modeling; and Sports Economics.  She also teaches on a series of master degrees aimed at the specialization in Teaching Theory and Methods of Physical Education, Sports Humanities and Human Kinesiology and Sciences.