FUNIBER sponsors the Project Design & Management scientific journal

FUNIBER sponsors the Project Design & Management scientific journal

FUNIBER sponsors the Project Design & Management scientific journal, from the “Multi-Lingual Scientific (MLS) Journals” publisher.

The Project Design & Management journal is a biannual scientific journal to promote reflection and discussion to correctly understand what is the function, contribution and responsibility of the Project, Design and Management area nowadays, not only in the scholar but also in the professional and business field.

The articles included in this journal are published in Spanish, Portuguese and English, in coherence with the international and multicultural space that allows a PMD updated, original and necessary management.

The journal’s first issue includes six articles of diverse themes and methodologies, among which there is the economic growth experienced in Peru, the implementation of a social-educational intervention program to promote healthy lifestyles, or a methodology to describe the self-assessment of the competencies level for the International Project Management Association certification (IPMA 4.0).

The editorial team is made up by Dr. Luis Alonso Dzul Lopez, the chancellor of the Universidad Internacional Iberoamericana (UNINI Mexico) and Roberto Alvarez, Executive Director of FUNIBER Argentina, among others.

The scientific review of the articles is done under the “double-blind” peer review system, so that both authors and reviewers are anonymous, constituting the most effective and efficient mechanism to guarantee the quality, reliability, integrity and consistency of the academic literature.

Apart from FUNIBER, the journal counts on the support of other sponsors as the Universidad Europea del Atlántico (UNEATLANTICO), the Universidad Internacional Iberoamericana (UNINI Mexico), the Universidad Internacional Iberoamericana (UNINI Puerto Rico), and the Fundación Universitaria Internacional de Colombia (UNINCOL).

With the sponsorship of Project Design & Management, FUNIBER keeps supporting the knowledge dissemination and the international expansion of the scientific research, as one of its main objectives.

Below, the contents of the journal’s first issue are available: Project Design & management.