FIDBAN’s Second Investors Round will count on live streaming on YouTube

FIDBAN’s Second Investors Round will count on live streaming on YouTube

Monday March 26th, 19pm LT the European University of the Atlantic (UNEATLANTICO) will be hosting the second Investors Round of the Fundación Innovación y Desarrollo (FIDBAN). The event, in which six interesting projects will be presented -one of them from Bolivia will also be broadcast live on the FIDBAN’s YouTube channel. Similarly, it will be broadcast live in the Chile, Guatemala and El Salvador Investors Clubs. The latter investors club will start the event with a live announcement aimed at the investors gathered in Cantabria (Spain).

The FIDBAN’s second investors round -a foundation that will strength its expansion through Latin America with the foundation of Investors Clubs in Argentina and Uruguay will be accessible from any of the more than 30 Latin American, African and Asian countries where FUNIVBER is present. On top of the YouTube channel, video presentations and projects in pdf format will be available at the FIDBAN’s website section ‘Inversores’ (

Second Investors Round

In this second round, FIDBAN keeps being loyal to diversity in the six final projects, as being so in the sums to be invested in every initiative, an amount that varies between €100.000 and €1 million.

Every entrepreneur has 10 minutes to explain his own business idea and 5 additional minutes to answer any doubts from the participating investors. Once the six presentations are finished, FIDBAN will facilitate that the entrepreneurs take part in a networking session in order for them to close collaboration agreements.

The projects

Initiatives to be presented in this second round include the following projects:

  • Fotolibre: Development to sell customized products by using WhatsApp as a communication means with the client.
  • Ucobolts: Industrial proposal to improve pipe insulation using the latest design in pipe clamps.
  • Wooorker: A gamified platform for job search on the Internet.
  • Loocked: The first independent start-up related to house rental services that seeks to protect both the tenant and the owner.
  • Creation of a “Leadership School” in Vega de Pas: Project that combines educational elements with the enhancement and development of a sustainable rural tourism model in Vega de Pas (Cantabria, Spain).
  • Satelitaxi: Systems that seeks to turn the cabs fleet from Santa Cruz de la Sierra (Bolivia) into a safe transportation means by GPS. This is the first Bolivarian project in FIDBAN.

The six finalist projects have been selected after a thorough analysis made by the FIDBAN’s Technical Committee, which is made up by recognized experts. This second round will welcome the Investors Club from El Salvador. Apart from the FIDBAN’s YouTube channel, the event will be broadcast live in the Investors Cubs from Chile, Guatemala and El Salvador. The video presentations as well as the information related to the presented projects will be available at the FIDBAN’s web, in the ‘Inversores’ section.

The First Investors Round

The first investors round took place last December 11th and was supported by the presence of a hundred businessmen and the first six projects of the FIDBAN program were presented.

FIDBAN will continue to expand throughout Latin America thanks to the new Investors Clubs in Argentina and Uruguay. Some of the FIDBAN sponsors are the Iberoamerican Universty Foundation (FUNIBER), the Center for Research and Industrial Technology of Cantabria (CITICAN), the  Sociedad para el Desarrollo de Cantabria (SODERCAN) and UNEATLANTICO, whose chancellor, Rubén Calderón, is also FIDBAN’s chairman.