New Master in Vegetarian Nutrition and Dietetics

The Master in Vegetarian Nutrition and Dietetics will begin in English on June 1st and in Spanish and Portuguese on October 15th

The new program is part of the health and nutrition area of FUNIBER and it is addressed to all those nutrition professionals who want to develop their knowledge and achieve a high level of specialization in vegetarian diet in order to face the growing demand for this type of diet.

The vegetarian diet is increasingly proposed as an alternative model based on ethics, health and ecology principles. Vegetarian population in western countries is steadily increasing, however, before this growing demand, professionals do not yet have available tools to face it or help these people who would like to choose this alternative.

Thus, there is a need to educate nutrition professionals in this specific field, taking as a reference the positions of international scientific organizations (see the 2009 position of the American Dietetic Association).

It is in this sense that the Master in Vegetarian Nutrition and Dietetics aims to train professionals with the appropriate expertise to understand the fundamental principles, both theoretical and practical, of the vegetarian diet in all its variants, as well as the clinical implications in the prevention and treatment of main chronic-degenerative diseases.

To purchase all these knowledge, FUNIBER has designed a study program with an updated and innovative methodological proposal, which is composed of 12 subjects and a master final project, with a total of 700 hours, which represents 70 ECTS credits.

The Master in Vegetarian Nutrition and Dietetics sponsored by FUNIBER and certified by the European University of the Atlantic (UNEATLANTICO), is backed by the experience and reputation of many professional and academic specialists that ensures a rigorous and high-quality training.

The  Ibero-American University Foundation (FUNIBER) offers the possibility to benefit from its  Scholarship Program  to study any of the programs sponsored by the Foundation, thus extending its commitment to Social Responsibility.

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