FUNIBER and the Angolan ambassador in Spain attend the closing of the Joan Miró exhibition

FUNIBER and the Angolan ambassador in Spain attend the closing of the Joan Miró exhibition

The Director of Institutional Relations of the Iberoamerican University Foundation (FUNIBER) and of the Cátedra de Estudios Iberoamericanos y de la Iberofonía (Chair of Iberoamerican Studies and Iberophony), Dr. F. Álvaro Durántez Prados; and the Angolan ambassador to the Kingdom of Spain, Dr. Marlene Gomes, attend the closing of the exhibition of the artistic works of Joan Miró, in Bié.

The ceremony took place in the conference room of the Mediateca Abel Abraão (Abel Abraão Media Library), in the city of Cuíto, and was attended by governmental, academic, and civil organizations. The event that marked the end of the exhibition of Miró’s artistic work in Angola, inaugurated by the King and Queen of Spain in February of this year, in the city of Luanda, which was led by the Angolan Minister of Culture and Tourism, Dr. Filipe Zau.

To witness this event of great importance in the cultural exchange were Dr. Frigidiano Álvaro Durántez Prados, Director of Institutional Relations of FUNIBER and Director of the FUNIBER Chair of Iberoamerican Studies and Iberophony from Spain; and Dr. Marlene Gomes, representative of the Embassy of Angola in the Kingdom of Spain.

On this occasion, Marlene Gomes thanked the good relations of cooperation between the two countries, describing the hard work that she has carried out to expand the image of Angola, as a representative of the country. “We have worked hard to promote the image of Angola in Spain, and the fruit of this has been the visit of the King and Queen of Spain to Angola, and we continue to bring more Angolan culture to Spain,” said Gomes, who on the occasion recalled the Memorandum of Understanding between the Angolan Ministry of Culture and the Iberoamerican University Foundation (FUNIBER), whose objective is to promote cultural exchange and the expansion of Angolan culture in Spain.

At the end of her speech, Dr. Marlene suggested that “diplomacy begins with cultural diplomacy because it is culture that unites peoples, and it is through culture that peoples are promoted.”

Likewise, Dr. Gomes visited the campus of the Universidade Internacional do Cuanza (International University of Cuanza, UNIC), one of the universities that collaborate closely within the university network of FUNIBER.