Webinar “The first review of the Telecommunications Policy. eEurope Initiative”

Webinar “The first review of the Telecommunications Policy. eEurope Initiative”

The Iberoamerican University Foundation (FUNIBER) will organize, on December 5 at 4:00 p.m. (CET), the webinar: “The first review of the Telecommunications Policy.” eEurope Initiative

The session will be run by Miguel López Coronado and Juan Zafra, and is part of the Jean Monnet Chair “Telecommunications Policy in the EU and the Information Society,” which is held by the Universidad Europea del Atlántico (European University of the Atlantic, UNEATLANTICO).

The guidelines adopted by the European Parliament and Council indicated that the European Commission should initiate a review process for the revision of the Telecommunications Policy, following the implementation of full competition. This led to the definition of a new regulatory framework for electronic telecommunications in 2002, which would entail the corresponding regulation.

The session will also focus on the eEurope initiative, launched in December 1999, whose mission was to ensure that the European Union takes full advantage of the changes being brought about by the information society.

The event is held in collaboration with the Universidad Internacional Iberoamericana de Puerto Rico (International Iberoamerican University, UNIB), the Universidad Internacional Iberoamericana de México (International Iberoamerican University of Mexico, UNINI Mexico), the Fundación Universitaria Internacional de Colombia (International University Foundation of Colombia, UNINCOL), the Universidade Internacional do Cuanza (International University of Cuanza, UNIC), and the Universidad de La Romana (University of La Romana, UNIROMANA).

The conference is free-of-charge and open to anyone interested in the topic. It will be broadcast live in each country where FUNIBER is present. Broadcast schedules are available at this link. Registration is required to participate:

Registration to the webinar: The first review of the Telecommunications Policy. eEurope Initiative

If you are interested in receiving the complete training of the chair, you can find more information at this link. To earn the certificate of achievement and the credits associated with this chair, enrolled students must design an application that gamifies learning about the European Union under the direction and supervision of the teachers.

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