FUNIBER attends the “Proyecto de líderes Juveniles” meeting in La Romana

FUNIBER attends the “Proyecto de líderes Juveniles” meeting in La Romana

The Iberoamerican University Foundation (FUNIBER) attends as a guest at a meeting organized by the Patronato Benéfico Oriental (PBO), USAID’s Proyecto Líderes Juveniles (Youth Leaders Project), and the company ENTRENA. 

Businessmen, executives, and leaders of the province of La Romana have been invited to the meeting in order to strengthen ties of cooperation in support of strategies and activities that develop and strengthen community resilience in favor of young people in the province. The activity was held at the premises of the institution Alianza Juvenil por el Deporte y la Cultura de La Romana, where those present enjoyed a delicious breakfast prepared for the occasion. 

The event began with the words of Mr. John Seibel, president of ENTRENA, and Mrs. Xiomara Menéndez, president of the PBO, who thanked the businessmen, professionals, and leaders invited to the event for their presence and expressed the importance of the project they are leading and developing, aimed at promoting human values, healthy habits, positive human relations, effective and proactive attitudes, development of capabilities, skills and talents, productivity, and personal autonomy in young people, which has an impact on the reduction of crime and youth violence.

Mrs. Doris Florencio, Private Sector Coordinator of the USAID Youth Leaders Project, presented the mapping of the information gathered through the companies of the municipality of Villa Hermosa, showing statistical data relevant to the need for training and employment, which is required in the area by the companies.

Mrs. Xiomara Menéndez, stated that 47 years have passed since the creation of the Patronato Benéfico Oriental (PBO) organization, where they began by receiving 13 children in their facilities, and today they are impacting more than 330,000 children and their families. 

During the event, the importance of having the University of La Romana (UNIROMANA), a new higher education institution (HEI), which seeks to raise the educational level of professionals in the eastern region. During the interventions, emphasis was placed on the participation of UNIROMANA on the educational quality of the programs they are offering, which is exactly what society needs in the Eastern region and at the national level, according to the participants.  

FUNIBER Dominican Republic has reaffirmed the importance of this type of meeting, where organizations can come together and unify criteria on the needs in the region regarding qualified personnel and the way in which all can collaborate and work together. Likewise, Mrs. Massiel Castro, Executive Director of FUNIBER Dominican Republic, has shown her willingness to listen to the organizers and invited businessmen regarding the training needs they may identify in their workplaces, as well as to collaborate with PBO, ENTRENA, and the USAID Team in exchanging information on personnel requirements to fill active vacancies, as well as the willingness to join the project to work for and with at-risk youth in the area.