FUNIBER congratulates UNINI Mexico for entering the top 100 of Mexican universities

FUNIBER congratulates UNINI Mexico for entering the top 100 of Mexican universities

The Iberoamerican University Foundation (FUNIBER) congratulates the Universidad Internacional Iberoamericana (International Iberoamerican University) (UNINI Mexico) for achieving the outstanding milestone of being included in the select group of the 100 best universities in Mexico, according to the prestigious Webometrics ranking.

FUNIBER works with UNINI Mexico through strategic collaboration agreements, forming part of the Foundation’s university network, through which a large number of professionals have been able to continue their postgraduate studies and achieve their professional goals. 

UNINI Mexico’s inclusion in the Webometrics ranking is a recognition of its academic quality, emphasizing its commitment to a student-centered teaching model. The university has demonstrated its ability to leverage information and mobile technologies to provide high quality curricula tailored to the educational needs of each individual.

The rector of UNINI Mexico, Dr. Luis Dzul, has communicated his desire to continue on the path to excellence, which is a reflection of the hard work and constant commitment of our academic community and students. UNINI Mexico is committed to continue promoting educational excellence and contributing to the development of Mexico through research and knowledge transfer.

The Iberoamerican University Foundation (FUNIBER) is proud to collaborate with the Universidad Internacional Iberoamericana de México (UNINI Mexico), which is committed to promoting higher education and facilitating access to it.

The ranking Webometrics, an internationally renowned organization that evaluates and ranks educational institutions based on their online presence and impact on the web. It collects information and generates statistics to rank universities around the world, having selected UNINI Mexico as one of the top 100 universities in Mexico.