FUNIBER gathers in Salamanca diplomats from four continents in support of Iberophony

FUNIBER gathers in Salamanca diplomats from  four continents in support of Iberophony

The Foundation brings together in the city of Salamanca institutional representatives, diplomats, and academics from Spain, Brazil, Honduras, Mozambique, South Korea, and Switzerland.

The Centro Internacional del Español (International Spanish Center), located in Salamanca, has hosted the conference Salamanca, city of Spanish and meeting point of Iberophony, a global event organized by the Iberoamerican University Foundation (FUNIBER), the University and the Municipality of the host city, and the Academy of Diplomacy.

The meeting focused on the concept of Iberophony, that is, the articulation of a multinational space of Spanish and Portuguese-speaking countries without geographical restrictions, based on equality and respect for national sovereignty. In addition to the convening entities and local authorities, several countries were represented at the event by diplomats and academics. Specifically, Honduras, Brazil, Mozambique, South Korea, and Switzerland.

FUNIBER, an entity present in more than 30 countries, has intervened through its Director of Institutional Relations, F. Álvaro Durántez Prados, who gave a speech as a pioneer and main promoter of the geopolitical concept of Iberophony: a linguistic space made up of 30 countries and 900 million inhabitants.

Dr. Durántez is currently promoting this understanding among the speakers of Iberian languages from the FUNIBER Chair of Iberoamerican Studies and Iberophony in which universities from America, Europe, and Africa participate. Among them, the Universidad Europea del Atlántico (European University of the Atlantic) (UNETLANTICO), based in Santander, Spain, which has representative offices in many countries.

In addition to Professor Durántez, several diplomats accredited to Spain spoke: Ambassadors Marlon Brevé Reyes of Honduras, Bahk Sahnghoon of South Korea, and Hans Peter Mock of Switzerland, as well as the Chargé d’Affaires of the Embassy of Mozambique, Víctor Velho. José Manuel Santos, director of the Center for Brazilian Studies in Salamanca, also gave a lecture.

This meeting deepens the collaboration between FUNIBER, the Spanish City Council of Salamanca, and the Academy of Diplomacy to promote the meeting of the countries and peoples of Iberophony. This joint work has been formalized in the last year by means of two agreements signed with the following institutions: the City Council and with the Academy.

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ns: the City Council and with the Academy.