FUNIBER hosts new meeting of the European project T-CRISIS-NAV

FUNIBER hosts new meeting of the European project T-CRISIS-NAV

The Iberoamerican University Foundation (FUNIBER) organized on April 5 and 6 a face-to-face meeting at its headquarters in Barcelona (Spain) with the rest of the European partners of the T-CRISIS-NAV project.

The meeting was attended by Emmanuel Soriano and Thomas Prola (FUNIBER), Steve Taylor and Kelly Morrison; (University of the Highlands and Islands), Íris Hrund Halldorsdottir (University of Ayukeri); Laura Magan (Momentum); Catherine Neill (European E-Learning Institute) and Julia Grey (The Vision Works).

During the conference, a presentation of the course that will be provided to companies in the tourism sector was made.

The different case studies carried out by the partners are already available for reading on the website.

The researcher of the FUNIBER network Emmanuel Soriano made a presentation on his experience in the use of case studies of practical activities in the training courses promoted by FUNIBER.

In addition, communication strategies were discussed and ideas were shared for the next newsletter that the partners will disseminate about the news of the project.

During their stay, through a talk given by the lecturer of the Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology of the University of Barcelona (UAB), Claudio Milano, the project partners learned about the current reality of tourism in Barcelona and the proposed changes to achieve a more sustainable tourism. In addition, a tour guide gave a guided tour of the city’s seafront.

Those interested in finding out more information about the project can access its website, set up by the European E-learning Institute (EUEI).