The research group in which FUNIBER collaborates receives approval

The research group in which FUNIBER collaborates receives approval

The Operational Group for Research and Development of Milling Products (GODIMO Grupo Operativo de Investigación y Desarrollo de Productos de la Molinería), in which FUNIBER is collaborating through theCantabria Center for Industrial Research and Technology (CITICAN)and the European University of the Atlantic (UNEATLANTICO), recently received approval and funding from the Ministry of Rural Development, Livestock, Fisheries, Food and Environment of the Government of Cantabria (Spain) to start its activity. 

UNEATLANTICO and CITICAN will work together with the Microbiology and Molecular Genetics Laboratory, the Ramón de Cangas National Advisory Center and the companies Vega Pelayo, La Constancia and Panadería La Asunción on R&D projects related to milling products. 

As a joint research, the aim is to develop foods that provide health benefits while having higher quality in all areas: nutritional, sensory, health and commercial.

UNEATLANTICO will provide scientific-technical and training support (when necessary) in the fields of food science and technology, human nutrition and dietetics, communication or audiovisual production, among others.

GODIMO  aspires to design and develop new products or second-generation functional foods (specifically pre-cooked breads), with the vision of developing healthy milling products with the highest sensory and nutritional quality, while also taking care of sanitary and commercial quality, all of which can be considered a proposal for radical innovation.

The members of the group bring their experience over the last eight years in research work specialized in milling products and derivatives, as well as a series of previous projects that have enabled them to take steps in this direction. However, the formal constitution of this Operational Group will enable the continuation of the research and improvement of the products previously designed by some of the parties (alone) or through R&D projects with the participation of only some of the members.

One of the improvement research projects is focused on increasing the shelf life of a fresh product which shelf life is only two days. In principle, this group aims to achieve the centralized production of a pre-cooked deep-frozen product that will allow a greater commercial projection, especially in the international market.