Journalism students appraise their extracurricular work placement experience at FUNIBER

Journalism students appraise their extracurricular work placement experience at FUNIBER

Journalism students from the University of Missouri (United States) Madalynn Owens, Isabella Ledonne, and Maggie Baughman carried out extracurricular work placement at FUNIBER from May to the end of July in the Department of Communication in Barcelona (Spain), in collaboration with the Projects Area.

In the following interview, students describe their extracurricular work placement experience in Spain:


How do you value this extracurricular work placement experience in Spain?

Isabella Ledonne- I have absolutely loved my time working at FUNIBER this summer. I’ve been able to make numerous video productions for European Union projects in both Spanish and English. My Spanish skills have improved dramatically and I had unique opportunities to connect with professionals from all over Europe. My summer work was very different from my journalism experience in the United States, and I’m really grateful to have had the opportunity to expand my public relations and communication skills. Michelle and Ruth were wonderful supervisors to us this summer and it was evident that they truly cared for us and our well being in this experience. I’ve gained so many new communication skills in both Spanish and English and am very happy to have worked here for the summer. My only wish is to have been here longer, I feel like a summer was too short and I would have loved to continue working on the ERASMUS+ projects. This internship has given me so much more than I expected and I am so grateful for the opportunity!


What has this experience given you on a personal, academic, and professional level?

Madalynn Owens- Working at FUNIBER throughout the summer has been a great experience for me. I have gotten so much more practice at my Spanish skills, especially in writing, which can help give me a boost over the competition at future job opportunities. It was so interesting to see how communication departments work not only in Spain but on an international level because of FUNIBER’s large presence throughout the world. I learned various new communication techniques that I’m excited to utilize in my classes and projects this upcoming year at the University of Missouri. I feel so much more confident in my Spanish skills that I was able to feel comfortable navigating the beautiful city of Barcelona on my own!


What are your plans for the future?

Maggie Baughman- Using the skills and knowledge I’ve gained working for the communications team at FUNIBER this summer, I will definitely have more opportunities for jobs in the future. This amazing international experience has changed my outlook on my future job search. I will finish my final year of school next spring with a Bachelor’s in Journalism degree with an emphasis in television broadcasting and a minor in Spanish. My plan is to find a job at a television news station in the United States and continue my career as a multimedia journalist. The ultimate goal is to become an international correspondent for a larger network. Thanks to FUNIBER, I now have the confidence to broaden my job search to international stations and companies. There are no limits!


FUNIBER congratulates the students for their daily commitment and dedication in achieving the tasks of the department.