FIDBAN invites international investors to know the 6 first entrepreneurial projects

FIDBAN invites international investors to know the 6 first entrepreneurial projects

All the information about the first funding round held in Santander (Cantabria-Spain) last December 11 is now available on the FIDBAN’s intranet. Those who are interested in accessing the presentations, videos and powerpoint presentation corresponding to the six projects may do so by obtaining an access password if they apply for the membership in the FIDBAN’s Investors Club. In order to obtain the access password you must fill in the form that is displayed in Login at Entrepreneurs wishing to send your project may also do so by means of the same digital platform.


Genetracer Biotech
Carlos Cortijo presented Genetracer Biotech, the company he founded whose main business is applying R+D+i in the field of Preventive Medicine for the early diagnosis of cancer and the Precision Medicine. He also reported on the progress of DECODER, a tool that allows the study of the genetic evolution of tumors from a blood sample. The company is in the midst of an international expansion process, and has already consolidated its presence in Portugal, Brazil, Colombia, the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico, and it is seeking for funds for its development and consolidation in Mexico, Peru, Morocco, China and Japan.

David Ferrer presented bound4blue a proposal that is made from an statement: You cannot imagine a future in which the dependence on fossil fuels and emissions remain a problem. Bound4blue works to provide solutions that eliminate the dependence on energy. For years, they have worked on the design of a rigid candles technology applicable to merchant ships in order to provide part of the thrust that is needed for the ship to move. Ferrer says there is a clear need for alternative energy technologies to reduce fuel consumption of merchant ships and so face the financial challenge created by the new environmental regulations. In his opinion, it is time bound4blue to position as a provider of technology for reducing fuel consumption in maritime transport. The project is supported by partners with high level companies as Astander, Navantia, Idical, Cytecma or Calcom Group.

Aquatic Sweeper
Aquatic Sweeper, a company whose promoter is Jorge Gómez Vallejo, presented his aquatic sweeper prototype. A system designed for cleaning large artificial waters, able to overcome some of the difficulties that such activity entails, as the high cost of labor and the excessive time required to keep the premises clean. Facilities that have had a high investment in design and construction lose their attractiveness and age prematurely for not being cleaned properly. Aquatic Sweeper works since October with Wavegarden, a Spanish company dedicated to building 20,000 sqm ponds to simulate surfing waves, an installation that is located in Guipúzcoa. Mr. Gómez vallejo seeks funding for mass production of the aquatic sweeper in the facilities located in San Felices de Buelna.

Energy bars
David Martinez, along with his partner Ruben Leivas lead the successful company called Siderit, that produces handcrafted gin, vodka and vermouth. Both of them presented a project consisting of producing biofunctional energy bars that are capable of continuously reducing cholesterol on time. The project is in the development phase of a formula with an environmentally-friendly raw material. Clinical studies will be tested through a collaboration agreement with the CITICAN’s agri-food research department.

Real estate project in Lusaka
A real estate project in Lusaka (Zambia) which is being carried out by a a parent company established in Spain and which holds 99% of the Zambian society, while the remaining 1% corresponds to its promoter , Juan Emilio Hernández Polanco, who is responsible for presenting the proposal in search of funding. The project, called Eagle View Estate, is a housing development consisting of 15 exclusive individual villas, with 3 and 4 bedrooms located in Rome-Park, the most luxurious, complete and famous urban plan in Lusaka, (Zambia). It is aimed at the upper-middle class. The surrounding area counts with the three most important city’s shopping malls, the most luxurious hotels, the new business buildings still in construction and residences, hospitals and the University of Zambia.

Bodega El Pendo. Vineyards and archeology
Finally Claudio Planas, managing director of Bodega El Pendo. Vineyards and archeology, located in Escobedo de Camargo, introduced his wine project with its own brand. Bodega El Pendo is located in a unique place in Cantabria (Spain), next to the prehistoric caves under the same name, and which are declared World Heritage. The winery is set in a former dairy farm. Planas explained that his idea goes beyond a wine project and is part of the new tourism trends in sustainability and wine culture: a rural but cultural tourism .

From more than twenty analyzed projects, these projects were the ones chosen by the FIDBAN’s Technical Committee. After each presentation, a networking session with investors attending the event took place.