FUNIBER enhances the creation of the FIDBAN project

FUNIBER enhances the creation of the FIDBAN project

The FIDBAN project is born with the aim of creating a network that connects global investors with entrepreneurs FUNIBER takes an active part as one of its main trustees.


The FIDBAN project was introduced yesterday at the rooms of the Hotel Real de Santander (Spain), same city which will host its headquarters. The FIDBAN trustees Santos Gracia, president of the Iberoamerican University Foundation (FUNIBER) and Ángel Agudo, PhD in Economics and Business Sciences attended the presentation ceremony, which began at 19:30h. And so did Alfonso Jiménez Rodríguez-Vila, co-founder of the innovative Cascajares food company, for he was one of the speakers.

Apart from FUNIBER, FIDBAN will also rely on other trustees such as the European University of the Atlantic (UNEATLANTICO), the Sociedad para el Desarrollo de Cantabria (SODERCAN) and the Center for Research and Industrial Technology of Cantabria (CITICAN)

The Fundación Innovación y Desarrollo (FIDBAN) is a non-profit organization whose objective is to enhance profitable entrepreneur projects needing from a financial source. Likewise, it will mean an open window for capital investor from all over the world who are in search of new innovative projects. As assured by Santos Gracia, president of FUNIBER: “FIDBAN will suppose new business and job opportunities in Cantabria, and FUNIBER will contribute to that with its international contacts, since it usually occurs that new ideas are created and even a financing source can be found, but what is really difficult to find is the right people with which one can establish a relationship in each country”.

Even though FIDBAN will establish its headquarters in Cantabria, its area of influence will not only be local. In fact, it will be present in 20 countries from Europe and America. In this way, the entrepreneur projects which have been enhanced thanks to FIDBAN, chosen according to their profitability, will have a global visibility, will gain access to specialized investment capitals and will benefit from the synergy that may arise as a result of the contact with other entrepreneurs from any part of the world.  FIDBAN will make it possible for entrepreneurs to reach a global investment ecosystem and to be able to present their project before an International Investors Club.

Investors will participate in the forums following a face-to-face or a streaming modality. Those investors who cannot attend to any of such modalities can review the selected projects as long as they need to, since the forum will be recorded and uploaded to the FIDBAN’s platform. When an investor is interested in a certain project, then the negotiation process between investor and entrepreneur begins. FIDBAN already has available 11 entrepreneur projects.

FUNIBER counts on an extensive experience in the development of R&D projects. Continuous innovation is a constant for the Iberoamerican University Foundation, which promotes the interdisciplinary research in the different knowledge areas to which it is devoted. Regarding the international cooperation projects, thanks to the FUNIBER’s international experience, the foundation has been transferring knowledge, human and social capital from 2002 in order to collaborate and cooperate in such relevant aspects as decreasing malnutrition or increasing democracy as a ground for equality and social justice.


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