International Symposium on Management 2017 will be broadcast in streaming

Next June 19th, FUNIBER, in collaboration with the Asociación de Gestión de Proyectos de Argentina (AGPA) and the International Project Management Association (IPMA), organizes the 4th International Symposium on Project Management in the Swiss-Argentine Chamber of Commerce in Buenos Aires from 9 to 11 h.

The symposium will be chaired by Dr. Roberto Alvarez, Director of FUNIBER Argentina, and will have as speakers renowned experts in the field of business administration and management, who will discuss about management at a global level and its vision in the Iberoamerican space. The conferences will be broadcast via streaming with simultaneous interpreting.

In the event, Reinhard Wagner (Germany), World President of IPMA will give a conference under the name “Project Management for the 21st Century”. Wagner is an electrical engineer and assistant professor of Project Management, in the Master’s Degree in Engineering, at the University of Applied Sciences of Augsburg (Germany). Moreover, he is the former president of GPM/IPMA Germany and CEO of Projektivisten GmbH.

Martin Sedlmayer (Switzerland), Vice President of the IPMA for Products and Services, will also be present at the Symposium with his conference “10 Key Arguments Why Project Management Continues To Grow”. Mr. Sedlmayer studied an MBA in International Management and has 30 years of experience in managing programs and projects at an international level.

Finally, Jesus Martinez Almela (Spain), Vice President of the IPMA for Membership, Training and Youth Crew, will intervene in the event with his speech on “El Ecosistema de aprendizaje continuado de IPMA”. Martínez Almela is a professional engineer, a specialist in biosystems and agronomy, and holds a certificate Level A of IPMA®e IPMA DELTA ®

From 5 years ago, the Iberoamerican University Foundation (FUNIBER) has become a relevant agent in Argentina due to the enhancement of academic activities in the Management area and to the dissemination of best opportunities for postgraduate training and professional certification. Furthermore, FUNIBER has actively collaborated with the growth and development of associations dedicated to “project management”. Thanks to these activities, FUNIBER has earned the international recognition of IPMA, which is an institution recognized for the development of LatNet IPMA.

On this occasion, the meeting’s objective is to disseminate experiences and to promote the projects’ area internationally. The 2017 International Symposium on Management has been organized by FUNIBER in collaboration with the Asociación de Gestión de proyectos Argentina (AGPA) and the International Project Management Association (IPMA). Moreover, it has the support of Project Human Resources (PHR) and Swiss-Argentine Chamber of Commerce.

The interventions will be held next Monday, June 19th, in the Swiss-Argentine Chamber of Commerce from 9 to 11 h, in Buenos Aires (Argentina), and will be broadcast via streaming. The event is aimed at professionals in the field of management and project management, SMEs, and, in particular, to professionals or senior managers of consulting firms.


To access the online conference, click on the following link:


Broadcast schedules by country are detailed below:

Country Schedule
Argentina, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay, Brazil 9:00 AM
Bolivia, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Venezuela 8:00 AM
Colombia, Ecuador, Panama, Peru 7:00 AM
Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua 6:00 AM
Spain 2:00 PM
Ivory Coast, Morocco, Portugal, Senegal 12:00 PM
Angola, Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea, Italy 1:00 PM
Mozambique 2:00 PM
China 8:00 PM


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