FUNIBER organizes in Puerto Rico the conference “Challenges on Education in Latin America”

FUNIBER organizes in Puerto Rico the conference “Challenges on Education in Latin America”

FUNIBER organizes, in collaboration with the International Iberoamerican University (UNINI) the conference “Challenges on Education in Latin America” in Ponce, Arecibo and San Juan on September 12th, 14th and 16th, respectively

The conference will be hosted by Jesús Arzamendi, PhD in Philosophy and Literature in the University of Deusto (Spain). Nowadays, Dr. Arzamendi is the Director of the PhD programs  FUNIBERsponsors  through the University Network in which he collaborates.

The objective of the talks is to highlight the importance, in the present day and in the future, of PhD training in Latin America.

The talks are geared towardsthe professionals from all areas who hold a Master’s degree and who are interested in studying a PhD, those who want to pursue a career in investigation and professionals who want to go in depth in their PhD knowledge.

During the conference, Dr. Arzamendi will identify the challenges in education and their relationship with the development of people who are capable of conceiving, executing and assessing solutions that have a positive impact. Also, he will emphasize the importance of training for professional researchers, both in the educational and social fields, who are capable of proposing concrete solutions to problems in the diverse circumstances of a society.

At the same time, he will speak about the online education’s role as a facilitator to train a higher number of doctors through methods and tools that make investigation and learning possible.

Lastly, he will present the objectives, contents and study methodology of the PhDs in Education and in Projects sponsored by FUNIBER, and issued by UNINI.

Following, we detail place and time of the events in each one of the cities of Puerto Rico:

  • Ponce – September 12th – 9:00h.
  • Arecibo – September 14th – 9:00h.
  • San Juan – September 16th – 9:00h.

Entrance is free, but you need to confirm your assistance via the telephones 797-878-2123/787-878-2121 or via this e-mail

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