FUNIBER launches the new MBA Program

The new International Master in Business Administration (MBA), which has a marked directive and interdisciplinary orientation, will begin on March 1st, 2016

The MBA program of FUNIBER is intended for professionals who require a global training and practice in leadership and entrepreneurship

This Master includes the analysis of all areas of business (management, strategy, marketing, finance, operations and human resources, among others) under a clear international vision and with a special emphasis on practical methodologies and team work.

The MBA mission is to train professionals, executives and entrepreneurs in leadership and management in organizations, and business departments and projects. And also providing a global vision of a company, developing skills policies, encouraging innovation and putting in value the corporate social responsibility are some of the objectives of the program.

The methodology of the MBA is one of its main assets and added values. The business project, the linchpin of the program, consists of a business and an enterprise plan, the first is a conceptual project, and the second is an applied project. Both of these activities, as well as the holding of workshops and case studies, will be carried out in working groups promoting the networking of students from various countries of the world. Such tasks, as well as the study of the various subjects, will be assisted by teachers and specialized tutors that will act as facilitators.

The International Master in Business Administration (MBA) consists of a double university degree by the European University of the Atlantic (UNEATLANTICO) and the International Iberoamerican University (UNINI, United States) and is endorsed by the experience and reputation of many practitioners in the field of business and education, that confirm both the methodologies rigor and the practical and international value of the program.

The Ibero-American University Foundation (FUNIBER) offers the possibility to benefit from its Scholarship Program to study any of the programs sponsored by the Foundation, thus extending its commitment to Social Responsibility.

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