FUNIBER arranges the visit of a delegation from Peru to several agro-food institutions in Barcelona

FUNIBER has arranged the visit of a delegation from Peru to different leading institutions in the agro-food and innovation sector in Catalonia (Spain), October 13 to 19.

These activities are included in the Project “Stimulation of the agro-food sector, based on community innovation and inclusion”, developed by FUNIBER in Peru, in collaboration with IGNITE, Rimac Local Government, Sabadell City Council, ITP, and funded by Barcelona Provincial Council (Spain).

The goals  of these sessions were to collaborate in designing a strategy to strengthen Peru’s productive capacity, to train representatives of the delegation from Peru to stimulate and promote their country’s agro-food sector regarding innovation, to know the situation in both territories, and to strengthen relations between organizations for mutual benefit.

Training sessions were held, too, with the aim of laying the foundations for action, as well as facilitating transfer of knowledge between both parties.

During their stay, the delegation from Peru visited different technological innovation centers, such as UAB Research Park (PRUAB), EURECAT-CTM Technology Center, LEITAT Technology Center, Agro-Food Institute (IRTA-FRUITCENTRE), Technology Center for Nutrition and Health (CTNS), and the CETEMMSA-EURECAT Technology Center.

The delegation from Peru was made up of Ytala Tipula, Economic Development Manager for Rimac Local Government; Raúl Injoque, I&R Manager in CITEalimenta; Juan Carlos Zamora, representative from the Technology Institute of Production; and Luis Olivera, Project Coordinator from FUNIBER Peru.

In all their visits, they were accompanied by Mónica Molina, an Innovation Technician, and other workers from Sabadell city council; Joan Albert García and other representatives from Corporate Entrepreneurship in Ignite Technologies; and Anna Marín and other representatives from FUNIBER Spain.

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