Pianist José Luis Nieto foresees his return to the stage

Pianist José Luis Nieto foresees his return to the stage

The Ibero-American University Foundation (FUNIBER) recently interviewed Spanish pianist José Luis Nieto, whose scheduled tour of Mexico and the Dominican Republic, sponsored by FUNIBER’s Cultural Work, was suspended last year due to the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. 

The artist stresses that the field of culture was severely affected “economically and psychologically” in a similar way to other sectors, although he recalls the “vulnerability” experienced by the music collective, in particular, due to the cancellation of concerts and shows. 

The period of confinement caused a large number of musicians to use the Internet and social networks to continue offering content to the public. Something that, according to Nieto, a staunch defender of live music, cannot be experienced in the same way. “The charm and magic is lost, no matter how advanced the technology is,” defends the celebrated pianist. 

With the flexibility of the restrictions and the pace of vaccination, Nieto is hopeful of returning to the stage in 2022, a year for which he is already planning his agenda, depending on the particular situation of each country.  

The pianist advises young musicians that “the pandemic is a good time to make changes in the way you manage your career and come out stronger” and invites them to reflect on what can be improved to adapt to this “new normal.”  

His YouTube channel, a contact tool with fans during this period of absence, deals with different contents from didactic sessions to interviews. Its good reception has encouraged him to continue offering content through this audiovisual channel while waiting to resume his musical activity for the year 2022.