Delegates of FUNIBER in Greece, Poland and Tunisia visit the headquarters of the Foundation in Spain

Maria Kritikou, Armando Cruz and Antonio Constán, delegates of FUNIBER in Greece, Poland and Tunisia respectively, have travelled to Spain to visit the facilities of the Iberoamerican University Foundation in Barcelona.

From 4th to the 11th of October, the representatives had attended several meetings with the purpose of understanding the structure and functionality that the Foundation has to offer, managing and delivering online education. The meetings have covered, among other topics, the pedagogical, communicational, technological and organizational dimension of the program.

With the addition of these delegates, FUNIBER expands its presence in Europe and continues to work on its global expansion to form people as equals with first-level international education and without neglecting each country’s individuality, uniqueness and comparative advantages.

Taking advantage of this stay in Spain, the three new FUNIBER delegates moved to Santander to visit the facilities of the Atlantic European University (UNEATLANTICO).