New issue of the MLS Psychology Research journal, sponsored by FUNIBER

New issue of the MLS Psychology Research journal, sponsored by FUNIBER

The MLS Psychology Research (MLSP) journal, which is sponsored by FUNIBER, published last June its volume 4, number 1, composed of 6 articles.

The journal, published twice a year in Spanish and English, covers different approaches to the field of clinical psychology, psychotherapy, educational psychology, developmental psychology, neuropsychology, social psychology, etc.

MLS Psychology Research (MLSP) accepts and publishes manuscripts also in Portuguese. The articles received are submitted to a peer review process based on anonymity and managed directly on the OJS platform. The reception of articles is open throughout the year.

The articles that make up this new issue are as follows:


The Editor-in-Chief of the journal, Juan Luis Martín Ayala, points out that the articles deal with different topics, such as psychological harassment at work, or the stress of older adults during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The journal, with a strong Ibero-American and international character, is edited by “Multi-Lingual Scientific (MLS) Journals,” an open access publisher based in Santander (Spain).

In addition to the support of FUNIBER, the journal is sponsored by the European University of the Atlantic (UNEATLANTICO), the International Ibero-American University (UNINI Mexico), the International Ibero-American University (UNINI Puerto Rico), the International University Foundation of Colombia (UNINCOL), and the International University of Cuanza(UNIC).

You can read all the articles in this link.