The Torrelavega’s Chamber of Commerce presents in Madrid the 1st Entrepreneurship Open Contest

The Torrelavega’s Chamber of Commerce presents in Madrid the 1st Entrepreneurship Open Contest

Last week, the 1st Entrepreneurship Open Contest was presented in Madrid. The contest, which will take place in the Besaya’s capital in 20-22nd April, is organized by the Torrelavega’s Chamber of Commerce, with the collaboration of the Fundación Innovación y Desarrollo (FIDBAN). In the presentation act, held in the Casa de Cantabria in Madrid, the President of the Torrelavega’s Chamber of Commerce, Antonio Fernández Rincón highlighted the regional nature of the project, while emphasized that “anything supposing a benefit for Torrelavega is positive for Cantabria, and vice versa”.

In the presentation act in Madrid, Mr. Fernández Rincón was accompanied by the Presidency and Justice Counselor, Rafael de la Sierra, the Innovation Manager of the Government of Cantabria, Jorge Muyo, The Torrelavega’s deputy mayor, Javier López Estrada, the Manager of Chambers Support of the Spain’s Chamber of Commerce, José Luis Coll, the Co-owners of HGrupo Pritma, Alfredo Pérez and Pedro Ortiz and the President of the European Institute for Entrepreneurship, Antonio Sainz. As well, representatives of the chamber’s plenary and memebers of the jury.

The chamber’s president thank all the attendees their effort for traveling to the capital of Spain on the occasion of this presentation, he thanked the sponsors and collaborators for their collaboration and involvement, since the hosting of this event would not be possible without them. The Contest counts on distinguished and prestigious specialists in entrepreneurhship, such as Juanma Romero (RTVE), Andrés Dulanto (Agencia EFE), Javier Nuche (Atresmedia), Alejandro Vesga (Revista Emprendedores), Sergio Valcárcel (Socios Inversores), Juanjo Santacana (El Economista), Jesús Miguel Pérez (Tedcas) and María Tosca (Cámara España). All of them are part of the jury and will decide the final and winning projects.

For this entrepreneurship event that will take place by the end of this month in Torrelavega, many entrepreneurship-related events have been scheduled and different prizes will be awarded, from which €6,000 will be awarded to the most valued project from all the presented projects.

According to Fernández Rincón, presenting this contest in Madrid “is key to reach the required dissemination to unite a great number of projects that result in an enough amount for the contest to be a success or not”.

The deputy mayor of the Torrelavega’s City Hall, Javier López Estrada, noted that the municipality hopes that “this contest consolidates and grows” as to “position Torrelavega as a world reference in the entrepreneurship field” and as to help “get many projects from Spanish young people off the ground”.

In this respect, he highlighted that they expect to receive projects from all over Spain, in such a way that they “will be an example for Torrelavega’s young population”.

The Manager of Chambers Support, Jose Luis Coll, said that public-private collaboration is “essential” for “it is the axis that makes chambers connect with the business world and the entrepreneurs with public administrations through the Chamber of Spain, with the support of the General State Administration, the ministers and the territorial chambers of commerce”.

The director and host of the Emprende show in Canal 24 horas in RTVE, Juanma Romero, mrmber of the jury, has states that with similiar initiatives “Cantabria can become the Spanish Silicon Valley, because the idea is for the center of national entrepreneurship not to be just focused on big capitals as Madrid or Barcelona, but that Cantabria or Murcia may be an important focus for creating businesses and new interesting projects”.

After the event, the Digital Contents Manager of Agencia EFE, Andrés Dulanto Scott, who will also be a member of the jury, has said that initiatives like this one “demonstrate that entrepreneurship in Spain is not only limited to enhancing actions that are linked to cities like Madrid, Barcelona or Valencia”.

Similarly, the head of the section dedicated to entrepreneurs in EFE added that “regions like Cantabria are increasingly gaining special prominence in the Spanish entrepreneurship ecosistem and allow many business projects to flourish”.

This contest is based on the will to support entrepreneurs with original projects, by helping them to transform their ideas into business realities; the Chamber’s president emphasize the importance of Espacio Emprendedores, a place to meet with other entrepreneurs from Cantabria, where the project that is being now presented was born and from where “we want to give an opportunity for their projects to be visible and boost new businesses”.

To know any detail regarding the contest (rules, terms, prizes, etc) the web is available.